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Reclined Spinal Twist: Twist, Stretch, Relax and Detox

The pose lengthens and stimulates mobility along your spine, massages the internal organs, and stretches the hips, chest, shoulders and upper back. The pose is both relaxing and re-energizing, and can help to relieve stress and anxiety making it very therapeutic.


  1. Begin lying comfortably on the back. Bend your knees in to your chest and extend your arms out alongside the body in a “T” formation, with your palms facing up toward the ceiling.
  2. Inhale here, lengthening your tailbone down toward the ground. As you exhale, drop one of your bent knees over to the right and extend the other flat straight to the ground. Send your gaze over to the left.
  3. Keep your knee and feet close together, and press the backs of your shoulder blades down toward the mat.
  4. Remain in the twist for 5-10 breaths, then inhale to come back up to center. On your next exhale, drop your other knee to the left and extend the other leg while sending your gaze to the right.
  5. Inhale to come back up to center. Wrap your arms around your legs and gently rock from side to side to release the low back, then extend both legs straight down onto the mat.


  • If the knee remains quite a distance away from the ground when twisting, tuck a rolled up blanket or towel underneath it. If the twist feels too intense, you can also leave the bottom leg extended.
  • To deepen the twist, try bringing the bent knee closer to the chest. You can also take a hand onto the bent knee to gently press the knees closer to the ground.
  • The elbows can be bent into a “cactus” formation if it feels more comfortable.