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Artichoke: Tender Heart Beneath The Surface

The edible part of the artichoke is in fact the green part found in the flower bud. The almost bitter taste comes from the organic acid cynarin and is apparently an excellent stimulant to the liver and assist with lowering cholesterol levels.

Unlike most of us who are easily intimidated by the artichoke’s tough armour, Italian cooks are known to be the best at giving it justice in the kitchen. Under the tuscan sun, they are often served up braised, stuffed, deep-fried, shaved and in salads.

Cooking with artichokes doesn’t have to be as daunting as their appearance might suggest. My version is super simple and can be refrigerated to be used for antipasto, pasta, pizza or salads. Start fresh and choose artichokes that  are plump and heavy with tightly closed leaves and a hard stem.

“When the outer leaves are removed from the artichoke there should be a definite squeak, indicating its freshness”

– Stephanie Alexander


  • 8 artichokes
  • 1 lemon juiced
  • ½ lemon rind peeled
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 2 garlic cloves minced
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 pinch cumin seeds


  1. Remove the tough outer leaves until you reach the pale, tender inner leaves.
  2. Trim from the top to base by cutting down the length of the stem to remove the outside of the stalk.
  3. Cut in half or quarters lengthways. Discard any hairy, fibrous choke.
  4. Marinate overnight in juice, lemon peel, salt, garlic, bay leaf and cumin. Note: Artichokes discolor very quickly when exposed to air.
  5. Transfer into a pot with olive oil and slow braise for 30 mins on low heat or regularly turn them over until artichokes are perfectly tender.


  • Eat as is or leave to cool and refrigerate in jar/container until required.

Save nature and don’t discard all those outer leaves closer to the stem because you can leave them to dry to make artichoke tea! – Cat


9 detox food on your next weekly grocery list

  1. Carrot
    Why? It can effectively nourish blood, eliminate toxins, improve spleen and protect stomach. It contains abundant carotene, vitamin A and pectin. After carrot enters into the human body, vitamin A and pectin can integrate with mercury ions in human body to decrease the density of mercury ions in blood and remove the mercury ions from human body.
  2. Kelp aka Seaweed
    Why? It is regarded as an effective food to alleviate inflammation, eliminate toxins and improve defecation for human body. It contains abundant coarse fibers, carotene, vitamins, calcium, iodine, etc. Iodine is effective in decreasing blood pressure, preventing arteriosclerosis and removing toxic substances from human body. The middle-aged men should frequently eat kelp so as to improve prostate and kidney.
  3. Edible fungus aka Mushrooms
    Why? It is very effective in clearing toxins, cleaning stomach and intestines and stopping bleeding. The plant pectin contained in edible fungus can absorb the dust in digestive system and then remove it from the human body. It contains various amino acids and enzymes. The dietitians have already regarded mushroom as an effective food of resisting cancer. Mushroom is effective in restraining malignant tumors, improving the immunity of human body and purifying toxins in the blood.
  4. Cucumber
    Why? It can effectively clear heat, accelerate the metabolism, expel toxins out of human body and improve the functions of lung, stomach, heart and liver. Cucumber contains an extremely high content of vitamin C. After vitamin C is absorbed by the body, it can beautify the skin, enhance the elasticity and restrain the formation of melanin.
  5. Balsam pear aka Bitter melon
    Why? It is regarded as an effective food to eliminate toxins and beautify the skin. It contains a kind of active protein which can resist cancer, improve the immune system, enhance the activity of immune cells and expel toxins out of the body. Women should often eat balsam pear to improve menstruation.
  6. Leechee aka Lychee
    Why? It can effectively protect spleen and liver, promote digestion, quench diarrhea and eliminate toxins. According to the medical research, leechee has important effects of nourishing kidney, improving the liver functions, eliminating toxic substances, accelerating the reproduction of cells and beautifying the skin.
  7. Coagulated pig blood
    Why? It is an ideal food to eliminate toxins, clean intestines, nourish blood and beautify skin. The plasma protein contained in coagulated pig blood can be decomposed by the gastric acid in the body to produce a special resolvent which can remove toxins from human body. What’s more, eating coagulated pig blood can effectively alleviate anemia for people.
  8. Honey
    Why? It contains abundant vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, glucose, protein, potassium, lactic acid, and so on. Honey is always considered as a high-quality food to enhance the physical constitution of human body. It is effective in nourishing lung, stopping cough, improving defecation, eliminating toxins and beautifying skin. The nutrients contained in honey can be easily absorbed by human body.
  9. Mung bean
    Why? It contains vitamin B complex, protein, calcium, iron, and so on. It is effective in discharging toxins and accelerating the metabolism in the body. At the same time, mung bean can effectively protect liver and resist allergy for the body.